Purchasing a vehicle for your family can be a nerve-racking experience. Considering the fact that the vehicle will be used to transport precious cargo, you may never find the one vehicle that meets or exceeds all of the ‘requirements’ that you have set forth. However, there are some very good choices out there that meet most of them, so you should allow yourself to be flexible and consider one of these five great choices for your next family car before you look for car transporters.

  1. The Hyundai Entourage: When you are looking for a family vehicle, you are going to be looking for something that has some pretty high crash test ratings. If that’s the case, then you are looking for the Hyundai Entourage. This minivan boasts a AAA rating from Parent’s magazine and is listed as one of the safest vehicles by the Institute for Highway Safety. With its low price tag, this minivan is definitely something to think about when you are in the market for a new vehicle.
  2. The Honda CRV: With a spacious cabin and plenty of family friendly features, it is easy to see how this crossover is now in the running as one of the best family vehicles on the market. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has put the CRV on their list of the safest vehicles in the country, while Parent’s magazine also gave it a AAA rating. With this one, electronic stability and affordability come standard.
  3. The Ford Edge: Parent’s magazine loves the Ford Edge for its spacious cargo area as well as the comfortability of the ride that this vehicle provides. With an affordable price tag of only twenty five thousand brand new, this crossover is another great pick for anyone who has a family. It too is rated one of the safest vehicles in the country by the Institute of Highway Safety.
  4. The Toyota Sienna: Another minivan, the Sienna gets great ratings on account of its side curtain air bags as well as its sliding seats. With the various layout options available to owners, there is plenty of room and lots of choices to make the vehicle perfect for your family. With a price of under twenty five grand, it’s easy to see why this vehicle made it to this list.
  5. The Lexus RX 350: Perhaps you didn’t think that you would see a luxury vehicle on this list, especially with a price that far exceeds that of a normal family vehicle, but if you are looking for luxury and safety, then the RX 350 is your vehicle. From a spacious and luxurious interior, to a stylish design, this is a great choice for the family.

While choosing your next family vehicle might not be the easiest thing that you’ve ever done, there are some options out there that are much better than the others. When looking for safety and reliability, as well as the high tech features that you love, be sure to look into these five vehicles before you make your final purchase. Consider buying online as well, where you can hire car transporters to reduce your stress and bring your new family vehicle right to your home.