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How Things Work Inside the Auto Transport Industry

For many people, especially those who have used auto transport services in the past, the industry itself can be quite the enigma. It might seem straightforward; you fill in a form, get a quote for service, choose a company, and the rest is history. Or is it? There are plenty of things that consumers don’t know about the auto transport industry, all of which we’ll cover right here. Knowledge is power and we believe that all consumers should have the knowledge they need to make an educated decision. With this knowledge in hand, we know we are empowering our customers to make the best choices for their needs. So read on and find out how things work inside the car shipping industry.

Brokers, Brokers, Everywhere

Most of the time, when you go to get price quotes or you look for car shipping services online, you will be routed through what is known as a broker. Most car transporters don’t have the time or resources to run a full scale campaign to get loads, so they let brokers do it for them. These brokers offer quotes that are actually bids for jobs that multiple companies will then have a chance at grabbing. While it does force these companies to compete for your business, it also means that if you jump on an overly low quote, your vehicle will probably not be high on any one of the car transporter’s priority lists.

It is also important to note that brokers, by law, are not really connected with the movers or carriers that they claim to represent. The carrier, in turn, is not required to honor the prices that the brokers have given you as a consumer. As such, it is important to always go to the company themselves to verify the price, dates of service, and any other important aspects of moving your vehicle.

At the same time, going through a broker has its benefits. While smaller carriers and transporters don’t have the resources to seek out work, they also don’t have the ability or time to offer great service. Having a broker on your side will give you better prices and much higher levels of support than you might find if you went directly through the company for everything.

Getting a Price Quote

Getting an estimate for your shipping needs, and for the auto transport cost, is the simple part. You can either search for car shipping companies in your favorite search engine, or you can simply fill in the short form above to get more than one quote at the same time from us. When you get these quotes, you will be getting a list of prices that brokers claim the companies they work for will ship your vehicle for. If you accept the bid, or quote, your vehicle will then be placed on a list of jobs that need to be completed. The average priced jobs will be thrown into the mix, where they will be handled in order and treated accordingly, while lower priced jobs may be set out a few weeks until the carrier is nearby on another job. For this reason, compare your estimates carefully and choose one that isn’t the absolute lowest.

Ensuring Great Service and Lower Costs

Choosing the lowest price from the list of quotes that you get isn’t the best thing that you can do when you need car shipping services. The old adage that says ‘you get what you pay for’ is true in this case, as it is in so many others. It’s important to realize how the economy of car transport works so that you can get what you need. Remember that most car transporters do not offer set dates on when your vehicle will be picked up, but they offer ranges instead. Sometimes those date ranges can vary wildly, up to a whole month. For this reason, make sure that you follow this simple path to finding a great car mover for less:

  • Get Multiple Quotes – Having more than a single quote on hand will allow you to review and compare the prices that different brokers are offering to you for the job you need completed.
  • Choose a Reasonable Price – Of all the car hauling quotes you have, make sure that you choose a quote that falls somewhere in the middle, or is average. Lower quotes may mean you are stuck with your vehicle for a long time, if it gets picked up at all, while higher quotes aren’t really necessary.
  • Get Everything in Writing – It’s vital that you get everything in writing before you hire a company and give them your money. But, while you are getting things in writing, make sure you are dealing with the company themselves at that point, and not a broker.
  • Your Responsibility – Always stick to your side of the deal and do what you are responsible for before the company arrives to pick up your vehicle. Having things ready will save time and money for the driver, making them more apt to offer service that is above and beyond the norm.

Getting shipping services for your vehicle shouldn’t be difficult, and knowing what you’re walking into can help you avoid the difficulties that often come with such issues. Keep these things in mind and you’ll see that, while the shipping industry isn’t quite as straightforward as we’d all like it to be, it’s not quite as complex when you know it from the inside out.

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